Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas Brunch with the Sisters

Every year we have to get together to celebrate our friendships, share some delicious food, enjoy some entertainment and rejoice in the birth of our Savior.  This year we decided on a Christmas Brunch shared by all at First Christian Church in High Point. 

Jeanette Harmon and her team decorated every nook and corner
with snowmen and snowflakes.  We all felt so special to share
a good time in such a beautiful place!
We were greeted by Carole Batten with her creative snowflake
name tags and Jane Morris with her welcoming "Merry Christmas"!
After a brief time of fellowship, we shared a delightful meal
planned by Reba Hamilton and Carolyn Robinson
and their crew of wonderful cooks.
Michelle Riley was busy throughout the day taking lots of pictures.
Perhaps you see yourself?
Have you seen yourself yet?  Keep looking...
Lots of smiles and fellowship - maybe you are in this batch of pictures.
Michelle was really busy - here are a few more!
Last batch of close up pictures.
The rest of our Brunch is about Golden Triad Chorus, Sew to Sow, 
Desserts, and Gifts...Continued on Part II

Christmas Brunch continues...

After our delightful meal, and believe me, we really ate, we went to the Church Sanctuary for some incredible entertainment by the Golden Triad Chorus.  Their program was of so funny and the songs were wonderful!

After all the crazy laughter and giggles subsided, the Chorus
honored the birth of the Savior with some Christmas Carols.  
They even let us sing along a few times!

Once we said farewell to the Chorus, we returned
to the Fellowship Room to enjoy a splendid dessert buffet.

Before closing our time together, there were gifts for one and all!
Some of us could not wait to open their gift!

Special thanks to all who worked so hard to plan and prepare
the Christmas Brunch and thanks to First Christian Church
in High Point for hosting our event.
See you all in 2015!

Single Sisters and Friends Celebrate Birthday #10!

To be perfectly honest, I pretty much ignored the Lord when He kept telling me a fellowship group for Single women needed to be established.  Then one day Annie Hunt and Jane Morris and I were in the car together and that very subject came up in our conversation.  Right then and there the decision was made to see if such a group could be formed.  It took about 6 months of planning before Single Sisters came into being.  A short time later, we realized that some married women really were interested in our get-togethers and so we became "Single Sisters and Friends".

Now, ten years later, we came together to celebrate.  If SS&F was 10 years old, we could just celebrate ALL our birthdays and for just a few hours, we would be 10 years old one last time.  Oh it was festive! Jeanette Harmon decorated with bright colors and balloons too numerous to be counted.

There were grandmothers and granddaughters.
There were tiny little "sisters".
There were mothers and daughters.
There were sisters from birth.

Since we were celebrating our tenth birthday we ate like 10 year olds, too!  We had pizza and chips but added a salad as well...just to be a tiny bit healthy.

No birthday party is complete without cake so Robin Beck did her magic.  She made the cutest cupcakes with clowns and balloons and everything fun!  They were almost too cute to eat but not quite!